4 Reasons Why We Go On Medical Missions Trips

4 Reasons Why We Go On Medical Missions Trips

When you take a look at all that is going on in the world, you see there are people who need our help. There are opportunities to use our God-given gifts and the skills we have built. You see ways to make a difference and share about Jesus. Still, if you have never been on a medical missions trip, you may wonder why we go. We would like to share with you four reasons why we go on medical missions trips. These are only four reasons–we believe you can think of many more!

4. We Make A Difference When We Go On Medical Missions Trips

People receive access to much-needed medical care, and they know that they are remembered. Health and courage are bolstered. They get to experience Christ’s love through us! When we speak with wisdom, give with love, and work with hope, what we are sharing is received and processed into something bigger than we may realize. God can move through it in a powerful way. When we go on medical missions trips, we make a difference that reverberates eternally.

3. Not Everyone Has the Same Access to Medical Care

We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality medical care and the gospel. Mission Partners for Christ provides medication, treatment, screenings, and health education in underserved communities around the world. When we go on medical missions trips, we not only bring hope and treatment for medical issues. We also may be part of an answer to someone’s prayer. Our volunteer medical teams partner with local Christian organizations to provide free preventative care and treatment to their community members. By building on existing relationships, it is our goal to deepen those relationships and create additional ministry opportunities for our partner organizations.

2. Other People Are Inspired to Go On Medical Missions Trips

If you went to church when you were little, then you may have wondered why. As you grew to ask questions or understand what your family or teachers told you, you likely looked at what was being modeled. You saw people going to church, praying, worshiping, singing, shaking hands, listening to the pastor, etc. You saw that it was good. If you never saw this, you might not think it was normal to go to church or *gulp* pray, worship, sing and listen to praise songs, shake hands with people who joined the room with you, listen to a speaker… When other people see or hear about medical missions trips, they get to see love in action, and that there are different ways to use their skills in health care or serving.

1. Jesus

There are many unreached nations or regions of the world that hear about Jesus for the first time. He loves people and cares about everything that concerns or pertains to their lives. For us, it’s part of loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. It honors people and lets the glory of God be seen.

These were just some of the reasons why we go. We bet you can think of more! What are some of yours? You can share them here or on the Mission Partners for Christ Facebook page.

Hope for All Seasons

Hope for All Seasons

Hope for all seasons is what we bring with us when we go on medical missions trips.

Mission Partners for Christ is grateful to be partnering with great people from all over the world who share a vision to bring medical care and hope to people who need it. Teamwork, communication, dedication, prayer, and more help things come together while we serve. It is so exciting that we are able to make a difference!

Hope for the hungry

This year, we were able to partner with Hope for Burkina Futures and with Rise Against Hunger. Rise Against Hunger provided meals to Hope for Burkina Futures. Mission Partners for Christ covered the shipping costs of the meals. We are glad to say that 1320 boxes went out in a shipping container and over 880 boxes of food were distributed to about 5200 people or 750 families. That’s a lot of food!

What is unique about the food distribution through Hope for Burkina Futures is that the families who were served had been displaced due to terrorism and violence in their nation. According to the U.S. Department of State website which you can go to read more about this, there has been a sharp increase in terrorism activities since 2019. Thousands of people lost their homes as a result. You could probably imagine that this would be disheartening for those impacted. The spread of disease, loss of access to public services, and other types of violence also increased. Christian activity is not encouraged in Burkina Faso, so it is an extra blessing that we were able to be part of bringing hope into a dark situation. This is just one example of the work that Mission Partners for Christ is doing in this season.

How can God use you to share hope in this season?

Each and every one of us can be used by God in this season to His love to people. We can pray. Another thing we can do is pray that people will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We can find hope and peace in Jesus and by studying the Bible, and share what we learn. We can learn more about the various organizations we can give to during this time. With hope, we will be able to travel on medical missions trips in 2021. We are currently thankful for the ways that are available to support our partners and people in places like Burkina Faso.

Would you like to learn more about Mission Partners for Christ? You are welcome to visit and follow our Facebook page, Mission Partners for Christ, and also to go to this link to learn how you can be part of what we are doing in this season.

7 Quotes About Gratitude & Joy

7 Quotes About Gratitude & Joy


“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” This is a beautiful quote attributed to Jean Massieu, a 19th century educator who pioneered in building schools for the deaf.

At the time he lived, many people around the world had both similar and different needs than those we have today. New medicines, equipment, and practices were under development. Old diseases were studied, just as COVID-19 is currently being studied. The world was in a time of change and growth, and this is where we are today as well. The people in those times expressed gratitude and rejoiced over new discoveries and changes in life, and we can do this now too.

We have put together a collection of quotes on gratitude and joy to encourage you as you prepare to serve in new and greater ways than you may have first imagined.

Give Thanks in All Things

We serve a loving God who has overcome the world. We can give thanks in all situations and know with 100% certainty that even if it was not God who brought something to us, He’s got it more than covered.

There is Joy in Giving

We have found this to be true too. When we give through service, medical care, resources, kindness, encouragement, laughter, stories and testimonies–we are giving freely from what God has given us to share with others. It’s a true joy to give.

Joy and Thanks Highlight Daily Blessings

Have you ever been in the middle of a routine household task like mowing the yard or sprinkling cool water on the garden and someone walking through the neighborhood called out to you a compliment on your efforts? Were you instantly flooded with joy and gratitude for how blessed you are to be doing those very things in that moment? We have experienced this too, and we find this constant joy in the midst of ordinary moments supports our goals in ministry and life in general.

Rejoice With Those Who Are Glad

It’s so important to celebrate every victory! Rejoice with those who have received healing, and with those who are happy and thankful for what they are receiving and what they are giving. Let our gladness be a beautiful song of joy and praise that brings glory to God.

By This They Will Know

Not everyone around us may be believers, but they will know who we are for Christ as we live in a way that invites them to join us in giving thanks, praise, and prayer in all things.

The Source of Our Gratitude and Joy Never Runs Dry

Our joy comes from a source unlike any other. It’s not manufactured anyplace and we don’t have to wait for it to be transported from another part of the country. We’ve got access to it right now, and it’s perpetually in stock. 

God is Always at Work Behind the Scenes

For all the things we do see, there are many more we don’t. We can be assured of God’s movement and protection in all these areas, even in difficult times. Let’s always be thankful and aware of our blessings and opportunities at home, work, personal development, leadership, and in ministry.

We Are All in This Together

We pray your summer is full of joy and thanks. There are changes taking place in many aspects of life due to the outbreak of COVID-19, but we are also hopeful for everything else going on this year. There are still so many things to give thanks for and so many ways we still can be of good cheer and serve others.

Would you like to learn more about joining our team?

There is still time to register for our November mission’s trip to Benin. If you’re interested in learning more about our trip to Benin, have a look here. If you have any questions, click here to submit your question via our contact page. We appreciate you reaching out to us and look forward to speaking with you about how you can be part of Mission Partners for Christ.

Medical Missions Trips Are Worth the Cost

Medical Missions Trips Are Worth the Cost

As you start learning more about medical missions trip opportunities, you’ll notice the cost is somewhat high. One thing to remember about this and about life in general, though, is to do anything meaningful, there will be a cost associated with it–whether it’s economical or other resources.

Mission Partners for Christ is blessed to partner with other organizations to actually cover the costs of the medical supplies associated with our trips.

Medical missions trips are always worth the cost because people in need are served with the health care and other resources they otherwise might be inaccessible to them. Entire regions often benefit long-term from our short-term decisions to visit with them and provide some of the supportive care they need. We are excited to be able to go to places like Benin and Burundi for this reason.

The Healthcare Crises in Burundi and Benin

When we go on medical missions trips, we provide valuable medical care to people who need it. We possibly play a role in decreasing mortality rates and in limiting the spread of serious diseases. This is one reason why it’s imperative to go to places new to us and establish ongoing relationships with those who live where we will serve. 

For example, malaria cases doubled in Burundi in 2016. According to World Health Organization (WHO), during the last year of recorded reports, nearly 6 million inhabitants were diagnosed with the disease, and around 4000 perished. Burundi has been recovering from a past civil war and still experiences some barriers to preventive health care. Due to cost, many of the population postpone visiting the doctor or seeking emergency health care treatment until late in the course of an illness, injury, or condition.

CDC Benin reports that malaria is the second top cause of death in Benin. The first is neonatal disorders. There are ongoing programs to help with malaria prevention, including some that help pregnant patients with malaria.

The work we will be doing in partnership with others in Burundi and Benin later this year is essential. It’s going to be a small part of a real, lasting change.

Life-Saving Intervention is Worth It

Burundi and Benin may seem so far away from the United States where we often have more than enough resources and a safe, sanitary environment to treat patients. Still, the situations we are called to serve in are real. Medical missions volunteers are needed.

There are multiple ways of funding your medical missions trip–it doesn’t all have to rest on you. Funding for many volunteers’ trips comes from themselves, church fundraisers, family members or friends also hosting fundraisers and supporting them, and through other means such as scholarships or grants. 

The sooner you begin the fundraising work, the sooner you have it all covered, but sometimes it’s right up to the last moment–so don’t give up hope entirely if you don’t have it all immediately. Volunteers also plan around the trip and may choose to make certain adjustments to their current routines. 

Volunteer Forever is one organization known to offer scholarship opportunities that facilitate a volunteer’s earnest desire to serve on medical missions trips no matter the cost. Life-saving intervention is worth it, and volunteers will never regret the decision to serve.

There Is Still Time to Join Us

The deadline to apply for our Burundi opportunity was June 1. You are still able to fund someone else’s trip if you’re moved to do so at this time. Click here to submit your questions about this via our contact page. If you are interested in going to Benin with us this November, there is still time to apply. You can go here to do that.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Serve on Your First Short Mission’s Trip

How to Serve on Your First Short Mission’s Trip

Medical missions trips can be a great source of inspiration, education, and even adventure while we serve others and release new blessings into their lives. 

What we want to keep in mind though is that it’s not all about us or others. These medical missions trips are ultimately one way through which God’s love and glory is displayed. It’s not all about what we can get from it. While we are immersed in other cultures, nations, or regions, there are some things to remember that will help us shine bright as we serve others.

Be Sensitive to the Moment As You Serve

It’s natural to want to remember the sights and sounds of the moments we spent with others. While we are on the medical missions trip, we can jot down notes to aid us in journaling and writing supportive fundraising content once we are home and take lots of pictures. We often want to be able to show friends and family how we were able to serve others and what it was like so they can understand the mission and support it. When we are photographing scenic views and momentous events or people, we want to be sure we have permission to include everything or anyone.

There may be some places we go to where we need to be especially sensitive in this regard, so if you’re unsure, you could always ask your group’s leaders, the person you are talking with, and study about the culture and any context or specific regional information you may need to know prior to going on the trip.

When we take pictures or write about what we experience on these trips, it’s important to have the right heart. We are not the savior of anyone.

How we present where we’ve been is a reflection of who we are. We need to go with hearts fully set on loving others where they are and serving them rather than making ourselves look good. Trust in the organization is built up with others when we show we honor and respect them and everything anyone does in the group can build trust.

Be Appreciative

Think of a time when you poured your whole heart into a meal for your family or friends. How happy were you to see the delight on others’ faces when they began to eat? Go back even further to the moments throughout the day as different people walked through the kitchen while you were cooking. Their questions and anticipation of the meal. The building excitement as those waiting expressed interest in the scents of the cooking food. It’s a joy to serve others.

Now imagine you are guests in a foreign place where such meals may be quite costly in time, resources, and more–yet a group of grateful-hearted ladies or gentlemen have sacrificed and worked hard to prepare a special meal for you and your group. They have given their all for it, and it may just be the best tasting meal you have sat down for in years due to all the love that went into it. They find it a joy to serve others too, and they look forward to you enjoying what they have put into it.

By being mindful of the various ways we can show our appreciation of all they have done, and being willing to try the foods or meals, we show our appreciation of others. We build trust too.

Show Interest in Others When You Serve

Doesn’t it light up your heart when you can tell stories and share what’s on your mind? That’s the way it is for people where we go too. Some things we listen to might seem out of the ordinary, but if we put our focus on listening to understand, we may learn something while at the same time conveying our respect and honor of others and their unique situations.

You may not always speak the language of the people where you’re going on a medical missions trip, and they may not speak yours perfectly either, so it’s a good idea to make arrangements for a reliable translator who has years of ongoing fluency in the language of the people. The internet connection or wifi in a place may only have a certain amount of bandwidth. If there are any confusing phrases or words that cannot simply be Googled, translators can help you.

Are You Ready for the Next Step?

Though the focus of these trips is something greater than us, you can see there are things we can get from participating in a short-term medical mission’s trips. Visit the Mission Partners for Christ website to learn where you can go with us next. Click on Volunteer to read about Burundi and Benin.

Do you need some questions answered before you say yes? We’d love to answer your questions about joining our team. Click here to submit your question via our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

5 Scriptures to Remind Us of God’s Love & Care

5 Scriptures to Remind Us of God’s Love & Care

During this unique time in world history, now more than ever, we must practice loving self-care and remember that God not only loves us but also cares for us on a personal level. It’s so easy to think about all the things we need–especially when preparing for a mission trip. God already knows our needs, though, so we don’t have to worry or be anxious at all.

We want to share with you five scriptures to meditate upon as we navigate this new season and way of living. As you read each one, consider how it may apply to your specific circumstances. Also, reflect upon the needs met through the hands, feet, and hearts of courageous medical mission trip volunteers.

PHILIPPIANS 4:6: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

  • God hears your prayers. You are not alone right now or when you go on your upcoming mission trip.
  • Someone far away may also be praying earnestly–thanking God in advance–for precisely what you are called to give or how you plan to serve.
  • A part of loving self-care is to continually pray.

PSALM 16:8: I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

  • You can trust God with everything and through all things.
  • When we always put God first, He is the first to come to mind during a critical moment of decision or action.

NAHUM 1:7: The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.

  • A good, good heavenly Father loves us deeply. We can humbly submit to God knowing He not only takes care of us and is concerned with what is on our hearts and minds, what weighs down or lights up our spirit, but also that He does so in love.
  • Seasons may change, but God is always the same. Confidence can be our response because of Who is responding to us now and forever.

MATTHEW 10:30-31: But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

  • When many states and businesses are closed or providing limited services, we all must stand 6 feet apart or more, wear face masks, and exercise sensible medical precautions, it may sometimes feel as though things are difficult or hindering our work. But as medical missions volunteers, we may often have encountered these things before to a degree in other nations where we have served. Another level of care and skill is involved in our important work. No task is too small for God to cover it and all things involved with it.

ISAIAH 41:10: Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

  • We have God’s promise of strength when we are weary. He will help and sustain us in every situation we face. We can move forward in expectation, knowing that our work is blessed and protected.

Wherever we go, whatever we face, we go with God’s great love and care. We may need to adapt in every season and practice good self-care too, but God is with us. He’s on our side, and we can smile as we stand firm in unwavering faith and belief–now and in the future.

If you’ve been thinking about joining a medical missions team, check out information on our upcoming November medical mission trip to Benin.