You’re probably here because you are curious about how our ministry helps people. Maybe you’ve heard that we send medical mission teams around the world and find yourself asking “What is a medical mission team?” and “What do team members actually do?”

Each year thousands of volunteers travel around the world to care for people with little or no access to adequate medical care.

Nonprofit medical missions organizations like Mission Partners for Christ specialize in organizing teams to provide free care, often in remote locations where they have limited (or no) access to medical care. For the people who live in these areas, our free clinics are their only opportunity to receive health screenings, preventative care, and medical treatments without travelling great distances. Our volunteers also teach clinic visitors about hygiene, nutrition, and offer dental and vision screenings. When we leave the states our bags are packed with over the counter medications, treatment supplies, and vitamins to distribute to local families who need them.

As a Christian medical missions organization, we know that we bring more than medical care to our free clinics.

We bring hope and eternal healing that can only be found in Jesus Christ. We partner with local faith based agencies to help community members connect with local Christians who will mentor them as they learn more about the Gospel.

Mission Partners for Christ relies heavily on physicians, nurses, techs, and other healthcare providers to volunteer their expertise in our temporary clinics. None of our providers receive payment for their services, everyone volunteers their time and pays for their own travel. Unlike other organizations, Mission Partners for Christ does not add administration or supply fees to the travel expenses. These are covered by individual and corporate donations from across the country.

It may surprise you to know a large number of volunteers are not medical providers, they’re people who play key support roles that allow providers to focus on what they do best.

Our medical missions teams provide basic health education, weigh and measure our patients, and distribute free supplies. There are plenty of jobs to do and we welcome people from all professions to serve on our teams. Now that we’ve answered your question “What is a medical mission team?” we hope you’ll join us for an upcoming trip!

Still have more questions about what our medical mission teams do?

Send us a quick message here so our team can answer your questions about medical missions and how you can be a part of it! If you are ready to serve, we can carve out the perfect place on our team where you can have the greatest impact!

See you in the mission field!


Sheri Postma, RN
Founder & CEO
Mission Partners for Christ