Everyday millions of people suffer from not having access to medical services.

We at Mission Partners for Christ strive to deliver life saving medications and services to the people who need them most.  We take teams of volunteers to underserved areas around the world and provide a variety of medical services.

It’s always our goal to work WITH local people and churches to bring medical services, like medicines, check ups, and education. Most importantly, we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people we care for at our pop up clinics.

Making a donation is a great way to serve when going on the trip isn’t an option for you!

Your donations are the life blood of our organization. We can’t do what we do without regular donations from people just like you.


Where does your gift go?

100 % of your donations go to providing medical services. Your donations help with everything from covering the cost of medications, surgical supplies, dental hygiene, bandages, and so much more. We also use your donations to help medical providers, students, and support team members travel to some of the most remote villages in the world.

Your donation directly supports our efforts to treat the sick and bring Christ’s love to people everywhere.

You have the power to save a life.

Click on your prefered giving level and start your monthly giving today!

Giving Level :

The Nutritionist

$25 a month

provides chewable vitamins for every child on one of our mission trips.

Giving Level:

The Nurse

$50 a month

provides treatments for up to 333 infections on a mission trip.

Giving Level:

The Cobbler

$75 a month

provides 60 children with their first pair of shoes. 

Giving Level:

The Protector 

$100 a month

provides malaria medication needed on mission trips. 

Giving Level:

The Benefactor

$200 a month

provides funds for 1 health care professional to serve on a mission trip.

Or a one time donation

of any amount!

One time donations will be used to purchase medications, supplies, and other costly medical supplies.

Do you have another way that you would like to help? 

Please email us, we’d love to hear what you have in mind!

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